8.15.14 the day taemin ruined our lives and made us bleeeeed

OT4 aegyo (///▽///)

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I’m not being like this because I’m really drunk
Taeminie worked really hard.
There isn’t anyone who gets by without going through hardships but
whatever he set his goal as, Taeminie deserves more than enough to be loved.
The talks I had with you for this album, I felt your sincerity.
Please love Taeminie.

@realjonghyun1990 translation x




Do you imagine if Onew’s first words were “congratulations taemin ” and  taemin being surprised  and onew being like “shhh no one knows I can talk yet “

Then Taemin gives a tight hug to Onew , the hug was taking a while so Onew looks at taemin and realize that Taemin was crying on his shoulder so they just stay like that .

*Happy sigh*.

T/N: In Korea, you can order chicken in mixed set (half this and that) so here he was referring that you can’t choose in between LOL cute



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P-R-E-Double T-Y

P-R-E-Double T-Y

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{20 day shinee challenge} Day 2: Favorite picture of your bias


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THIS IS MY FAVORITE UGH Lee Taemin make the simple fact of walking the sexiest thing everrrrr